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Van Halen….Divide and Conquer

Diver Down

Van Halen is back and, some would say, better than ever. They have rejuvenated a dead hard rock scene…pumped life into a morbid tour circuit and given me and many millions of others hope that rock and roll will not die…nor fade away.

Gone are the days when relevant rock and roll bands would visit your hometown in a monthly procession. This week Ozzy, next week BOC, next month Iron Maiden!!!!!! It used to be that way. Now all the bands sound the same, and have about as much energy as a new episode of Glee! I love American Idol, but is it a good thing they are suggesting one contestant could be the next Justin Beiber??? Do we need that? No, we do not. We also need no more rock bands who viciously bang there heads while playing music fit for the daily elevator ride to your cubicle!! But if Van Halen is poised to save rock and roll and inspire a new generation of rockers, did it have a hand in the current downturn and are they cleaning up a mess they helped create, so to speak?

The Van Hagar Legacy

Overtime I became a Van Hagar fan. During the late 80’s till mid 90’s he was a good fit. Van Halen went from raw dream metal to polished hit song writers. Hagar had the pipes to hang with Eddie….if not the song writting creativity, even so, all us fans still clamored for the day Diamond Dave would return. That would be the day VH would start playing the songs it left behind…and the energy would return.

I browsed through the Van Hagar albums the other night, and to my surprise I found that although it was good music it didnt do it for me anymore. What it had in polish and pop, it lacked in energy and fun. Van Halen was a super pop band at that time and Hagars clean powerful lyrics hit the spot, but left one feeling empty and looking for more. So it may be that Van Halen helped commercialize hard rock.

We must sell our souls to save rock and roll

Now it is up to a group of 50 year old men to save rock and roll from the tasteless misery it has become. A sludge of formula driven bands with no messages and good haircuts. Young rockers should watch Van Halen kick ass across America and then the World…they should learn from them because VH did it there way, they took risks. That’s what being a true artist is. Stand up for something and be yourself. The formula does not work anymore. Rock and roll is not about playing it safe and being part of the crowd, that is pop music. Rock and roll is about breaking the rules, and having attitude and the goods to back it up. It is time to save rock and roll and fuck the formula. Van Halen will lead the way…..please stand up!

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Van Halen is back; old but as bad as ever!

I have not kept up with the news of VH. So many disappointments over the years. I actually stumbled on their new video, was stunned they played at Cafe Wha?, and couldn’t believe they have a new album on the way.

As I wrote about in an earlier blog, VH was my favorite band growing up, they where bigger than life. They was the end all in hard rock….but they ended…so to speak

But now they are back…and who was I to doubt how good they could be. There new song “Tattoo” shows that they are still the best in the biz. It is a great song, and the video is great as well. What makes this song so good is the pre-chorus, one of the best I have ever heard…

Whats more the dynamic duo of Eddie Van Halen and Diamond Dave is back together….it’s like a high powered version of Mick and Keith…’s good to have them back!

Last thing, sorry to Sammy, I liked you in the band, but you aint no Diamond Dave…..

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Crash Palace tribute Rock Video

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On the Road with Van Halen…I mean Crash Palace!

Crash Palace 1989: Me, Porto, Doug and T Hall

My buddies and I formed the Hard Rock band Crash Palace in 1985. We thought we would be the next Van Halen. So, just like Van Halen we tossed out our best friend and lead Singer: Stickman.

The three of us told ourselves it was for the best. The need was for a more seasoned, mature front-man. T Hall was the man. He was older than us, and was a more polished singer than Stickman. T Hall told us he was 27, but one day when Porto and I used his ID to buy beer, we noticed he was actually 34.

At first, things went well. We played all the local dives. Trashed dressing rooms… and coined ourselves “The most Destructive Band in the Hudson Valley

Our next step was into the studio to record such future hits as “Not You”, “Under a Cloud” and “TT One”.

We soon became bored with our hometown…the thought was of relocating the band to NYC…But T Hall had another idea: Daytona Beach Florida. He pulled out a map and showed us where we were going. We all agreed. T Hall was very persuasive.

The Band loaded into T Hall’s Chevy van, equipment and all, and hit the road for Florida. The van became our mobile home; littered with girlie mags and billowing smoke. We left our former lives behind and headed off onto Route 95 for fame and debauchery.

We arrived at Daytona Beach for Spring Break 1990. The first order of business was to drive the van on the beach….it was heaven. Girls in G-strings, party people everywhere. This was it. All we needed was a place to crash and an endless string of Gigs!

As far as partying went, success was achieved. We rented an old dilapidated mansion, and made quick friends, partied all night and had a blast!

But T Hall hadn’t done his homework.

Crash Palace was an all original band, with a couple of cover songs thrown in for good measure. Our set list gave us about an hour of material…2 hrs at best if stretched out. The club circuit in Florida was based on full-blown cover bands. They would play 3-hour long sets, for a whole week at a club. Apparently Crash Palace didn’t fit the Florida mold.

PJ‘s was our local club of choice. Different bands passed through every week. Some good, some bad, some really good, some really bad! They were all pretty much “over the top” hair metal glam-bands; spinning out the hits of the day. Poison meets Twisted Sister meets Whitesnake. You get the point.

At that time PJ’s would not book us because of our lack of cover material. So our plan of attack was to ask/beg the current house band if we could sit in on their equipment during a break. Most bands agreed, others looked at us like we were crazy.

Up on stage we let it really rip. Pent up energy and booze fueled our aggressiveness. Most of the time we had to be pulled off by a less than amused and angry band. But, PJ’s was impressed by our show, and offered us a gig of our own in the near future!

We started rehearsing in earnest, learning cover songs to go along with our act. Not the cheesy songs everyone else was playing, but stuff from Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses etc…We were ready to Rock!

Van Halen 1980...our Role Models (via google)

The day before our “Gig”, T Hall came down with some sort of liquor induced sinus infection. The gig was off. We were done, soon back on Route 95 traveling north to New York, cold, and winter. Crash Palace was never to perform live again. Doug and Porto went on to a new band and I went back to college. T Hall was never heard from again…now it’s all just memories. Read the rest of this entry »


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