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Does anyone have a spare APU ???

(photo by Razoray5150)

Walking down the Jetway to a brand new Continental B737-900, we couldn’t help but overhear a ground crew member on the phone with dispatch explaining that the plane had no APU….they tried putting a new one in, but it didn’t work!

What the Frick…’s those conversations I wish I never eavesdropped on….. everyone else boarding the plane seemed to be in ignorant bliss… but not me! I jumped on my I phone and Googled  APU.

Auxiliary Power Unit. A none essential piece of equipment, so I found out….unless you are flying in a ETOPS aircraft….then it is a essential piece of equipment and the plane cannot leave without it. Regardless, we didn’t have one.

The pilot announced that the plane had a equipment issue and would have to be started manually….aka “hand crank”???? haha

Then he mentioned that we were very close to the 11:30pm curfew at San Diego International Airport and would have to “pick up the pace”, to get out of the gate…..

Needless to say we were off in a NY minute and shot down the runway like a rock out of a catapult!

One thing I love about taking the red eye across North America… never know what to expect….APU or no APU…….

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