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Welcome to Jakarta Kitty Cat! How was your Flight?

Welcome to Jakarta Kitty Cat! How was your Flight?

Milo relaxing in DC

We got to Dulles International Airport 3 hrs early….and that was barely enough time. We had 4 gigantic stuffed bags to check in and 1 VIP…Very important Pet! Milo (me-low), our cat, who consumed all our worries about our move from the USA to Jakarta, Indonesia.

What carrier should we buy? Well, we actually purchased 5…

“that one is too small, that one is too big, Oh, frick they need to be IATA approved! That one is a piece of JUNK! OK, this one is perfect…very safe and secure”.

IATA approved pet crate

During boarding I approached the Qatar Airlines counter and asked if my kitty was going to make the plane. The attendant called the baggage handlers directly and ensured me that she was just going on….The staff at Qatar did a great job of handling our VIP. And for that matter, handling my wife and I as well.

See, the deal was, it was my responsibility to oversee Milo’s trip across the World. If anything was to happen, I would be in deep shit! Never to live down my failed mission. Never trusted again and in the dog house forever!

The first leg of our journey started on a Boeing 77W. My Wife and I shuddered when the 2 giant engines of the 777 roared to life and we rumbled down the runway like some super charged Harley Davidson. We both looked at each other and imagined little Milo’s face during takeoff. It must have been some experience for her. But, we told ourselves, she is a tough Kitty!

Qatar 77W at Doha

We arrived at Qatar, Doha in the middle of the night. We had just traveled 12 hours (7000 miles) on the massive 777. Now all we wanted to do was get to the airport lounge, chill, and eat!

Doha International Airport is like a giant 24hr Hypermart. Cigarettes, booze, cars, electronics…it’s all there. We relaxed in the lounge, which cost $40, ate humus galore and watched Al Jazeera’s fantastic coverage of the crisis in Egypt. Only then did I realize Al Jazeera was from Qatar…what a dumb ass I am sometimes!

The experience in the Doha Oryx lounge was throughly relaxing… money spent….but the whole time we couldn’t help but worry about little Milo….how was she? Was she gonna get on the next plane? We could only hope for the best. It was out of our hands. So, how about a Scotch on the rocks!

The final leg of our journey from Doha to Jakarta was performed on a Airbus 333. This plane was a bit older than the 777, had less movies and the seats were 1″ narrower, but they reclined more and overall I found the plane more comfortable than the 777. I checked again and made sure Milo was put on the plane…again the staff at Qatar where on top of the situation. I almost was about to pat my self on the back. My Mission was almost accomplished.

But then……my wife and I went to the bathroom and as I waited for her in the lounge area, guess who happened to be there? The Captain. I knew that I should ask him if Milo was OK…was he aware he had Live Cargo??? But I froze, instead just saying “hello” as he passed by. My wife saw him as she came out of the bathroom….”Did you ask him about Milo?”


Should have, would have, could have….


A few hours later we had a perfect landing in Jakarta, and on the way in I could see the 1000 Islands...which are beautiful!

When we went to baggage claim, Milo was already there. She was fine, we where able to see her for a minute,  and then she was taken away by our support service, Groovy Pets, to Quarantine for 2 weeks.

Today Milo was delivered by Groovy Pets to our new home. She was a bit stinky, and has a kitty cold…but otherwise she looks good and is in good spirits. She loves our new house…She wants to explore even though we know she needs some sleep. But as we said, she is a tough Kitty!

World Traveler, Milo, Home at Last. Mission Accomplished!

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