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Iran Air: Emergency Landing: Great Job

Iran Air Boeing 727 landing with no Nose Gear….fantastic job by the crew to end this trip safely…

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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in World Travel


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Iran Air Crash

(Photo: AP/IRNA, Ali Asghar Shadjou):

A Iran Air 727 crashed today during a go around…in a snow storm. A very sad incident, 31 people are thought to have survived out of 97. RIP to the rest.

Iran has a terrible aviation safety record of late. Part of the problem is they are flying around in ancient 727’s, with horrible parts. Much has been made that the boycott from the West has caused this issue. Not to mix business with politics, but this could be a place to hand out a fig leaf……I think Iran needs to upgrade their aviation infrastructure…and we in the West can help….it’s a win win…what do you think?

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