Van Halen is back; old but as bad as ever!

03 Feb

I have not kept up with the news of VH. So many disappointments over the years. I actually stumbled on their new video, was stunned they played at Cafe Wha?, and couldn’t believe they have a new album on the way.

As I wrote about in an earlier blog, VH was my favorite band growing up, they where bigger than life. They was the end all in hard rock….but they ended…so to speak

But now they are back…and who was I to doubt how good they could be. There new song “Tattoo” shows that they are still the best in the biz. It is a great song, and the video is great as well. What makes this song so good is the pre-chorus, one of the best I have ever heard…

Whats more the dynamic duo of Eddie Van Halen and Diamond Dave is back together….it’s like a high powered version of Mick and Keith…’s good to have them back!

Last thing, sorry to Sammy, I liked you in the band, but you aint no Diamond Dave…..

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Posted by on February 3, 2012 in Music & Entertainment


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